Hi! I’m Volkan Özçelik

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Long story short, keep an eye on Byte-Sized TV.
You will se a lot there!

This place used to be where I write about technology, hacking, geekery, “the” cloud, and productivity.

I say “used to be” and I’ll come to that shortly; just bear with me.

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace. And when it comes to consuming technical content, I started to believe that a more interactive audio-visual environment is much helplful than simply scanning the text and missing the important parts.

I have found that it is much easier to think like the author (or the content creator), when you actually hear them: This way, you understand why she gives special emphasis to certain parts in the document.

Without audiovisual feedback, it is easy to miss the entire point.

I am not saying ‘blogs are dead’;
I am just saying that blogs are evolving.
And I wanted to be a part of that evolution.
So I’ve decided to create videocasts of all the content I had in here.
I’ll be covering them one by one on Byte-Sized TV.

To motivate myself even further, I’ve also made another radical decision:
I’ve deleted all the articles that I host here.

You can still reach them via the internet archives though.
Those articles will remain in the infinite memory of the Internet gods, forever ;).

Yes, times have changed, and we’ve started to prefer to consume audiovisual content to reading books. — I find this, kind of, sad; yet, it’s a side effect of our progressive evolution. — Maybe books will become more visual, and more interactive in the near future; who knows.