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Upcoming News

Although I have not written recently, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Everything is gradually morphing into a better state.

Since most of these are not (yet) publicly visible, I wanted to share the overall progress, along with my excitement, and passion.

Here are a few things on the way.

I'm Turning o2js.com Into an Evergreen Ebook

This is one of my biggest works in progress. I’ve organized the content into sections and subsections as follows:

I will be adding more to this.

Basically, it will be a never-ending work, constantly updating itself.

Since creating an ebook will be a serious effort, it “might” not be free — I am still thinking about the details.

I will also add special sections to the ebook that will not be on the web version, to justify its price tag.

By the way, the web version will always be free forever.

Moving o2.js Into Small And Reusable Modules

The current trend is being small, modular, independent, pluggable, and reusable.

Even Yahoo! ceased all new development on its monolithic YUI framework.

Via the same reasoning, I’ve logically split o2.js into 24 smaller sub-modules, each of them will be independent of each other, and will be maintained in a separate repository.

Some Wheel Reinvention Is Due

We, human beings, learn by imitation.

Learning programming patterns and paradigms is no different:

Of course, there are battle-tested solutions to almost any technical problem that you can imagine; however, creating things from scratch gives you a deeper understanding behind the magic about why things work the way they work.

Curiosity Kills the Cat

The insight you gain from the process is invaluable. I highly suggest you to regularly re-invent the wheel to expand your horizon.

Don’t get me wrong: If you are working on a real-life application, that will be used by a real audience, then re-use existing frameworks, libraries, and solutions as much as you can.

If you are learning new things, don’t fear to re-invent, fail, retry, break, and experiment.

Besides, sometime you do need something minimalistic, just to solve a domain-specific problem, where creating a tiny module from scratch might be a feasible solution.

New o2.js Modules

Having said that, I’ll be working on quite a few re-usable modules:

All of these will also be the ingredients of quite a few articles, which I will be writing along the way.

Stay Tuned ;)

People who know me know that I’m always extremely busy with “things”. Which means that all of these aforementioned “reinvention”s will happen gradually, steadily, yet slowly.

Hope it will be a useful journey both for me, as well as for anyone who is passionate about creating, making, breaking, and hacking things.

Do you have something to say? Have I missed anything?
Send your comments and suggestions to volkan@o2js.com.

Volkan Özçelik

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